“I like to think it’s just cloudy!”

Happy March! I can’t believe it. I really used to think that adults were out of their minds when they always said that time speeds up– but god, it’s definitely true.

Unfortunately not too much time for pictures this week– this week was especially school-heavy. On Friday my class finished the textbook that the Level 3 (my level) non-immersion students will finish at the end of the semester. This program really has lost its collective mind. The pace is utter insanity, but it’s definitely effective.

(Disclaimer: The cat (xiao bai) was not hurt.) My main teacher, Chen Laoshi, with Ben during his pronunciation class. Chen Laoshi hates the cat (the cat's name is xiao bai -- little white-- but she thinks it's fat and dirty), but we all like to let it sit on our laps during our one-on-one pronunciation classes. There is pretty much nothing I don't find funny about this photo.

So, not a particularly eventful week, but here’s a sampler of what the air has been like. Spoiler alert: not fit to sustain life. On one particularly bad day, as I walked to class, I asked my roommates how they thought you could tell the difference between a cloudy day, and just a really disgustingly polluted day. No answers. I got to school and asked the same of Chen Laoshi. She considered for a second before cheerily coming up with, “I like to think it’s just cloudy!” As I am here for another two months, with no choice but to breathe this air, as far as I’m concerned that might be the best way to think about it.

out my apartment window. sometimes photos distort, but this is actually pretty much exactly what it looked like.
In case you hadn't had enough, this little lovely is right near the Beida campus.
The sun is often mostly hidden by the pollution, and is sometimes red. I don't want to know how it makes the sun look like that.

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